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    The M Restaurant – The Best Indian Restaurants in Manama

    21 June, 2022

    Bahrain is known for its rich cultural heritage and food lineage. Travelers, guests, and tourists find the dates, meat, rice, and fish food items very delicious when visiting the country. These food items are commonly consumed with local spices and flavors.

    A popular Bahrani dish is the machboos, which are served with rice, meat, or fish. Food-lovers also like to have muhammar, a bowl of sweet rice served with dates or sugar.

    The M Restaurant

    When in search of a good Indian, Pakistani, or Mideterean restaurant in Adliya, one might come across the name, The M Restaurant. The M Restaurant specializes in offering some of the best food Indian cuisines.

    The Jashan Restaurant tries to infuse Arabian food tradition into the food dishes served there. The food items come rich with flavor. Middle East cuisine makes use of aromatic and flavorful spices.

    Some of the common spices include harissa, cumin, and cardamon. They are intense flavors that create a robust aroma in the food color & taste. The M Restaurant provides food delivery across the Adhari – Abu-Baham, Alcorniche, Al Hoora, Al Musalla, and Adliya.

    Popular food items in the M Restaurant

    Some of the most popular dishes would be the Mutton Nihari, Butter Chicken, Steamed Rice, and Dal Fry. The M Restaurant Adliya specializes in fine dining, Indian street food, weekend breakfast, and coffee house menu.

    Diners can choose their food of liking and enjoy there. Each of the segments is different. The fine-dining element is mainly European and Mediterranean cuisine, while the Indian street food consists of chaat and samosa-related items. They come accompanied by tangy chutneys and other flavors.

    These food items are good evening snacks. Since Bahrain has one of the highest numbers of ex-pats from Asia, they search for the best Indian Restaurant in Bahrain. The restaurant is also located close to Capersbh & Ashas.

    If guests are visiting nearby, they can consider coming down to the M Restaurant. When guests are residing or visiting Adliya, then they know where to head for a good meal. One can choose likewise. There is also the Coffee House & The Copper Chimney.


    A good combination of South Indian & North Indian cuisine

    Perhaps, the main highlight of would-be diners can enjoy flavors from both South and North India. The M Restaurant provides the right blend of the South Indian Restaurants in Adliya & North Indian Restaurants in Adliya.

    That is because the restaurant can provide guests with South Indian and North Indian cuisine. There is a sparing difference between the food items. North Indian cuisine comes with more flavor and sugar in them like the Dal Tadka & Paneer Butter Masala.

    At the same time, the South Indian food items are spicy and salty in flavor. Some of the popular food items from South India would be Idly, Dosa, Vada, and a wide assortment of chutney to go with it.

    The Weekend Menu is another specialty of the M Restaurant. The breakfast menu provides American, English, and Indian cuisines. The American & English breakfast list is almost the same. It comes with a wide choice of eggs.

    Several food items include croissants, pancakes, bread, porridge, and oatmeal. Diners are also provided with tea, coffee, and fresh juice. The Indian cuisine is typically made up of South Indian and North Indian breakfast items like roti, dal, dosa, chutney, and so on.

    Guests can place their orders accordingly.

    So, why not visit the best Indian restaurants in Manama to have a taste of a lifetime?