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    The Best Iftar Buffet to Try This Ramadan in Bahrain

    31 March, 2023

    Bahrain is a country that sees a sizable Muslim population, and most of the ex-pats are also Muslims from various parts of the world, like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. The holy month of Ramadan sees Iftar celebrated.

    The Iftar is one of the most important meals for any Muslim, and it is part of Ramadan that is grandly celebrated throughout the Gulf Peninsula. Every day before dawn, Muslims worldwide start their fasting period up to dusk.

    They do it with a meal known as suhur/sheri, which is very light and mild. However, by dusk, they have Iftar, which happens after the evening prayers in the mosque. Friends, family, and colleagues gather for a large Iftar and daily Ramadan buffet.

    Both men & women sit together and have this large meal. There is a lot of fun, excitement, and an abundance of several food items eaten during the Iftar in Bahrain. It is something that millions of Bahrainis, ex-pats, and others look forward to each year.

    When is Ramadan 2023?

    Ramadan 2023 begins on March 22nd and ends on the evening of April 21st. We have ensured that you will enjoy the Ramadan special iftar meal menu. You can have delectable food items like dates, which are everyday food items.

    They are rich in iron and other essential nutrients that the body requires. There is the fruit chaat, which is a spicy, tangy fruit salad. How can we forget the Qamar Al-Din, which is an apricot drink, to break the fast?

    Of course, then there are the lamb kebabs with some bread, and chicken 65, if you want to. Most importantly, the chole, which is black chickpeas that are prepared with onions. Moreover, other exciting food items are also present in the Iftar.

    Besides, you can also find a wide range of juices prepared from fresh fruits like oranges, mangoes, pomegranates, and others. All the delicious food can be washed down with these fresh fruit juices.

    The Iftar set is quite nutritious and wholesome food. They are ideal for people of all ages. Of course, fasting is only meant for men, kids, and women who are not pregnant. Expectant mothers can consume food throughout the day, as and when required.

    Some restaurants like The M Restaurant can provide you when searching for the best iftar restaurants in Bahrain; you should make sure that they provide you with home delivery service in Bahrain.

    It just takes a minute, and you need to choose the food items you want to order and then place the order through us or use popular food delivery apps on our website. Why not come and enjoy the Iftar buffet restaurant in Bahrain & the fine dining experience at our restaurant, along with instant service and a warm atmosphere?