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    The Best Fine Dining Restaurant in Bahrain

    17 November, 2022

    The Kingdom of Bahrain certainly has its mysticism and charm regarding food. Not many tourists might know this, but the island nation in the Gulf peninsula provides some of the best multi-cuisine flavors.

    Known as the ancient Dilmun civilization, one can find the influence of several civilizations, including Assyrian, Persian, Babylonian, Arab, Sumerian, Portuguese, and even the British. They have combined and blended to form what Bahraini cuisine is today.

    Finding the best multi-cuisine restaurants in Bahrain need not be like searching for a needle in a haystack. That is because there are several top-notch restaurants in the country. However, when in the capital city of Manama, one might want to check out the M Restaurant.

    What is unique about the M Restaurant?

    The restaurant is located right in the center of Manama in Adliya. They provide an authentic dining environment where one can dine with their family and friends. The restaurant offers a special weekend breakfast, excellent lunch, and a fantastic dinner.

    There is a fusion of Arabic, Asian, Continental, Indian, and Italian cuisine. Their dishes are prepared using the original recipes and traditional ingredients. One can be assured of the authenticity and delicious flavors of the dishes.

    They specialize in mainly Arabic and Indian dishes. Besides, one can also find some Chinese dish preparations. The restaurant has 3 sections. In the first section, one can find Indian street food. Some food items include pani puri, coffee shop, and other snacks provided in the main dining hall.

    There is a homely feel towards the guests and diners who enter the M Restaurant.

    Coffee house

    It is one of the best coffee house restaurant in Bahrain. One can avail of their breakfast menu, cold beverages, hot beverages, bakery & confectioneries, and sandwiches & burgers. They provide diners with fine dining restaurant in Bahrain.

    Some specialties include chicken cordon blue, Mughlai Dum biryani (chicken), Mughlai Dum biryani (mutton), nihari, lamb chops, chapli kebab, and fish machboos.

    Indian street food restaurant in Bahrain

    When searching for an Indian street food restaurant in Bahrain, nothing can beat the M Restaurant. Diners can find a wide range of snacks, including Misal Pav, Pav bhaji, and Bun Maska.

    Besides, they provide exceptional main course meals like Biryani, Kheema Pav, ad several kinds of Kebabs. If diners are specific about Indian cuisine, they can find a separate section for snacks and other food items.

    Weekend breakfast

    It is the ideal spot for a weekend breakfast. The M restaurant is also a weekend breakfast restaurant in Bahrain. When tourists search for the perfect getaway weekend breakfast when touring Bahrain, a visit to the M Restaurant can help their cause.

    • The breakfast menu mainly consists of American, English, and Indian cuisines. The American breakfast list provides diners with a choice of eggs. There is also a wide range of croissants, pancake, bread, hash brown, porridge, and oatmeal. It can be washed down with tea, coffee, and fresh juice.
    • Likewise, the English breakfast comes with a wide range of sausages, eggs, baked beans, and fried/toast bread. It can be relished with tea, coffee, and fresh juice.
    • Finally, there is the Indian breakfast, which consists of a wide range of food items. There is the aloo paratha, chana puri, suji halwa, and eggs with pav.
    • Diners can also have fresh juice, tea, and coffee. Besides, there are alternatives to South Indian food items like medu wada, dosa, uthappam, idly, khara bhath, suji halwa, tea, coffee, and fresh juice.

    Online food order & takeaway

    Besides, they also provide diners with online food orders. One can order online through their website. There are options of home delivery, takeaway, and weekend breakfast. Depending on the requirement, one can place the order using their website.

    So, when clients want to order food through them online, they can do so. The food will be delivered to them shortly. Moreover, the restaurant provides clients with a free home delivery service.

    That means one does not have to pay anything for the delivery service. Come and discover the fine dishes of Bahrain that are prepared at the M Restaurant.